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We designed this site so you could get free dog training tips online 24/7. There are a lot of good reasons to train your dog. Your dog's safety, the preservation of your home, property, and the safety of others. There are several things I have learned over my years of dog training that I'd like to share. Both dog behavior training and dog obedience training are very important. 

Some new dog owners get a little overwhelmed with dog training. The dog potty training  methods are usually the first lessons in dog training. Dog house training hits the top of the list as soon as an "accident" occurs. Then crate training a dog is next due to the potty problem and maybe some problems with chewing or destructive behavior. Which leads us to dog obedience training, which can solve both potty and chewing problems.

Dog leash training is essential so you can control your dog in public places. Using a dog leash to help in obedience training is recommended by every dog trainer I've ever met. Learning how to use a leash to help you in your dog training is very important.

The best dog training tip I ever got was to understand the power of positive 
dog training is much more effective than punishment based training. Any 
dog training basics should incorporate positive rather than negative 

1. Patience and consistency are key elements in any dog training activity. 
Dogs are much like people in they have different levels of learning abilities. 
Some are fast learners, some need more attention and repetition. 

2. Use positive dog training. Positive reinforcement works better than 
punishment. Rewarding good behavior will be the most effective tool you 
have in training your dog. If a dog is particularly aggressive, you may have 
to scold or even use a loud noise to establish unacceptable behavior but use 
sparingly or it may have the opposite effect. 

3. There are many ways to train a dog successfully. Use what works best for 
you and your dog. Always consider the breed (even in a mixed dog), it can be 
a big factor in training. Most dogs have natural traits that can be used to 
your advantage, or work against you.

4. Behavior problems are usually acquired. Don't ignore any behavior 
problems, even when you're working with a young puppy. Most bad habits 
can be stopped in their tracks with a little foresight and planning. You can't 
start dog behavior training too early.

5. Try to make any training session fun for you and your dog. Reserve a time 
each day to spend time training your dog. Keep the training session short, 
maybe 20-30 minutes. Pick a time when the dog has calmed down and is 
receptive to the lessons.

But enough of my suggestions, many of our articles are by professionals who 
have a lot of good dog training tips and advice. Thanks for stopping by and 
the best of luck with your dog training. And if you have a free dog training 
tip, please send us note. We'll be glad to add it to our web site and give you 
full credit.

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I have a Border Collie named Tuxcitto, you may have read some articles I have
written about him and the adventures in training we share. Well, Tux has got an
English cousin that you have to got to see to believe! This video is only five
minutes but demonstrates what a smart dog and a little training can do!

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